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“A life changing weekend”

“Pavelka inspired me to make a conscious choice to stop existing and start living!”

“My life has changed in the most amazing way… I couldn’t be happier!”

“I have had a life changing weekend. I am looking forward to going home and making small changes and putting The Four Elements in place. You are all such a lovely team, thank you”

“Superb food and facilities. Fantastically well organised. Great goodie bag – thank you! Fab team. Fab skill level of whole team. Great people, good laugh, relaxed agenda.”


“I’m excited about living again”

“Can’t fault it. Amazing weekend. Gone from being extremely anxious, feeling low, in a dark place, to being excited about living again.”

“Feeling reinvented and confident to make changes. Awesome event, thank you to all Pavelka Team.”

“Although the initial cost seems high, I justified it to myself as an investment in myself and my future. I also broke it down into hours and £30 an hour is much easier to process. It was the best value for money and I’m so glad I came.”

“A whole new way of life”

“I have loved it. It was not what I expected, especially the first session on Saturday. I thought it would be a weekend of just nutrition and exercise education. I will be totally honest and tell you I had no idea who any of you were when I booked it so had no expectations of the weekend other than learning which I have achieved and so much more. I have met some wonderful people and been introduced to a whole new way of life that I know will help me and I will put into place. It has also given me time and space to think and reflect, particularly the session on Saturday morning. I can’t thank you all enough for all the hard work you have put into this, for all your knowledge and for giving me tools to help me and time to think and some space. Thank you mostly for the kindness you have shown me, I think you are all incredible and love this ethos. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“Worth every penny”

“It’s not about quick fixes- it’s about lifestyle, that’s why Pavelka works!”

“How do you put a price on improving your health? Yes, for me it was very expensive but it’s the best way I could every have spent my money – I just look back at all the pounds I’ve wasted on 20+ years of slimming clubs and fad diets! Thank you Team Pavelka!”

“I would sum up my life since finding Pavelka as liberating, exciting, friendships, commitment, progress and rewarding”

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