Message from Jill following our 2018 Retreat.

When you bring a group of people together, most of whom have never met before, there is always some anxiety as to how everyone will get. However, as with previous Retreats, we need not have concerned ourselves. Each and every person there was very different but the goal was a common one – to be able to be the very best versions of themselves.

Most people who come need to have that break from the distraction of normal life in order to reflect, review and plan ahead – but not just for the coming year – for life!

Jessie Pavelka’s philosophy of health is centred around The Four Elements – Eat, Sweat, Think and Connect. When attention is paid, in a small way each day, to those four areas of life, big impact occurs over time.

The first part of the Retreat focuses on the Why. Why are you there. Simple. This can sometimes be a painful experience but the safety of the room allows sharing in confidence and there is no judgement – just encouragement and kindness.

There is no well-trodden path for adopting The Four Elements into your life. It is different for everyone – a one size fits one approach. But the sharing of personal successes and challenges is not only liberating for the person owning it, but also everyone else in the room! It truly is a magical experience with always something to learn.

Our Retreats follow a pattern, but just like the people who attend, it happens differently each time – no two group dynamics are the same. Over the weekend you are encouraged to Wake Up – to understand that there is a different way to live. Then comes the Open Up. The willingness to demonstrate vulnerability and to ‘be seen’ – sharing. The latter part of the week is all about Action, the plan that you put in place for yourself – unique to you –  and once these actions are in place, and you consistently practice them, then you will Thrive.

The beauty of The Four Elements is that there is always a place to go to – a standard that you know is yours, that you have committed to and that you can continually return to if you have strayed, (which happens to everyone) off the path that serves you. Your safety net. Home.

The Jessie Pavelka True Health Retreat gives you the tools and guidance for you to put your own very specific plan in place – the rest? That’s down to you. But you’re never on your own. The group you meet and the subsequent opportunities available through Pavelka means that there is always inspiration, information and interaction when you need it. A lifestyle for a lifetime with friends along the way for and to support.

This year we will be again running True Health Retreats, but for those who have already attended in the past, there will be another option, a Returners Retreat where the emphasis will be on your continued journey of living your very best life.

We look forward to seeing faces old and new in November 2019.

Jill Tipping

Co-Founder and Director

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